Faith To Uncover The Testimony of God

During Shiloh University’s Israel Tour last month, we toured the City of David which is now an archaeological site in Jerusalem. Just recently, many clay seals of governmental officials were unburied at the site. These clay seals prove the existence of two leaders who warned the prophet Jeremiah to stop prophesying the future destruction of Jerusalem (Jeremiah 38). Jeremiah did not stop prophesying and after he was put in prison, Jeremiah advised King Zedekiah to heed the Word of the Lord. The king, however, did not listen, and the city was burned by the Assyrians and Babylonians who took over—this very event preserved the seals for us to unearth today because the heat of that fire actually baked and hardened the seals.

The video below explains this amazing discovery. In this time when many people want to deny the connection between Jerusalem and the Jewish people, discoveries like these seals are evidence against this lie. There are many more truths to be unearthed! I am believing that these findings can bring the testimony of God and His Word to the world. We bless the nation and the people of Israel, and believe that these findings will allow the world to see God and believe His Word.

Yom Kippur At The Western Wall

I just got back from Israel and I wanted to share with you this video I received of thousands of Jewish worshipers at the Western Wall, gathered to celebrate Yom Kippur. This video shows faithful Jewish people from many synagogues, all singing their prayer to God. I am moved by their oneness in observance of this holiest day of the year. Let us cry out to God with them, to see the Father’s continued atonement for His people in every corner of the world.