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A Day of New Beginnings

Silvana and I are delighted to announce that on Saturday, May 5th, at Hale O Nā Kāula, Maui, we were married! It was a wonderful time with the Island churches and we felt all of your love and faith. We wanted to share this picture with you and include you with us in this joyous occasion!

Faith To Uncover The Testimony of God

During Shiloh University’s Israel Tour last month, we toured the City of David which is now an archaeological site in Jerusalem. Just recently, many clay seals of governmental officials were unburied at the site. These clay seals prove the existence of two leaders who warned the prophet Jeremiah to stop prophesying the future destruction of Jerusalem (Jeremiah 38). Jeremiah did not stop prophesying and after he was put in prison, Jeremiah advised King Zedekiah to heed the Word of the Lord. The king, however, did not listen, and the city was burned by the Assyrians and Babylonians who took over—this very event preserved the seals for us to unearth today because the heat of that fire actually baked and hardened the seals.

The video below explains this amazing discovery. In this time when many people want to deny the connection between Jerusalem and the Jewish people, discoveries like these seals are evidence against this lie. There are many more truths to be unearthed! I am believing that these findings can bring the testimony of God and His Word to the world. We bless the nation and the people of Israel, and believe that these findings will allow the world to see God and believe His Word.

Judaism’s Heart Of Inclusion

As we conclude Shiloh University’s Israel tour, we leave this land with a tremendous thankfulness for the heart of inclusion that is so rooted in Judaism.

All the prophecies and promises belong first and foremost to the Jewish people. We who were afar off and without hope in the world were grafted in through the ministry of Jesus (Ephesians 2:11-12). Are all the promises and prophecies ours? Absolutely yes! They are ours by virtue of inclusion, not by virtue of us excluding or replacing the Jews from their covenant. It is impossible for God to break His covenant with His people, and it was into this unbreakable covenant that we have been grafted.

Let us not forget that Jesus was a Jew. He lived His life on earth as an observant Jew (Matthew 5:17). He lived the Judaic heart of inclusion by reconciling us to God and including us in the covenant (Romans 5:8-11).

Thank You, Father, for giving us Your Son who included us in Your covenant. Thank you to the Jewish people for continuing in the covenant from generation to generation so that it could be handed down to us. We receive your heart of inclusion, and with that same heart, we draw people into the Messiah and into His Kingdom.

This message titled “Judaism’s Heart Of Inclusion” came in Jerusalem, Israel. It will be available at Living Word Publications.

Our Shared Messianic Hope

I brought a message on February 26th, inspired by a visit to En Gedi with Shiloh University’s Israel Tour.

Judaism and Christianity share a messianic hope that should unify us more than separate us. We are all looking for exactly the same event to happen: the appearing of the Messiah (“Mashiach”) who will sit on the throne of David, anointed as King to rule over an earthly Kingdom as God’s representative on earth to bring peace and change to the world. We may have different concepts and caveats of how this will happen, but hindsight will show us how the Messiah thinks about those differences.

In the meantime, let’s get rid of division, anti-Semitism, and accusations. Let us recognize the force we are together in a faith that looks for a time when all Israel comes together to anoint a Mashiach who rules and reigns on earth. The story of the Messiah is not over yet; and like it was for king David at En Gedi, He is in hiding until He is anointed to establish His Kingdom on earth.

The Temple And The Cornerstone Of Our Faith

The rubble and stones of the Temple ruins in Jerusalem inspire us to look more deeply at both the natural and spiritual events in God’s relationship with His people. For both Jews and Gentiles, those events impact our walk with God today just as it did for the people who lived when the Temple stood.

God’s covenant with the Jewish people is still alive and His Word over them will be fulfilled, yet the Temple itself no longer exists. The Temple ruins are a consequence of disobedience. God dwelt in the Temple, but when His people began to worship other gods, He left. Christianity must not separate itself from the significance of this. God will remove His presence from our lives if we are not living in and maintaining our personal relationship with Him. Although we have received salvation through Christ, we continue to live with the consequences of our sin. We must reach for a deeper salvation in Him that not only washes us from our sin but delivers us from its consequences.

The Temple ruins remind us how much God was willing to take the most precious thing that existed on the earth at the time—the Temple that housed His presence—and tear it down. The only thing precious to Him is His relationship with you. He will do whatever it takes to get your attention on Him, even if it means ravaging something you hold sacred. God is calling all of us, Jews and Gentiles alike, back to Him. He will not be angry forever and He will remove the consequences of our sin.

As we look at the destruction of the Temple, we are also looking at the rubble of our Christian faith. Christianity in its beginnings grew out of Judaism, and what we would have become is buried in the rubble of the Temple ruins. Instead, we see today a Christianity that has been built upon a foundation of division and paganism. We must return to the cornerstone of our faith and build upon it.

Father, show us the truth. We reach for the faith that was once delivered to the saints. We seek the relationship with You that is the foundation of that faith. This Word was inspired by a visit to the archaeological site at the southern end of the Temple Mount during Shiloh University’s Israel Tour, February 2018.

This message titled “The Temple And The Cornerstone Of Our Faith” came in Jerusalem, Israel. It will be available at Living Word Publications.

In Israel – Preparing for Shiloh University’s February 2018 Israel Tour

I am now in Jerusalem, eagerly completing preparations for Shiloh University’s February 2018 Israel Tour. This second study tour by Shiloh University will include participants from our prophetic communities in Mount Zion, Niterói, Brazil, and Shiloh, Kalona, Iowa, along with members of Austin Cathedral in Texas, which is pastored by my dear friends Bill and Sue Hart.

Our faith and anticipation is for a meeting with the Lord and a deepening revelation of the Jewish roots of our faith. Join with me in prayer that our love relationship with Israel and the Jewish people will bear fruit. We stand firm, knowing God will fulfill His Word over Israel.


This Feast Of Dedication – Fill Your Heart With The Living Word

The Feast of Dedication celebrates the miracle of Hanukkah that occurred at the cleansing of the second temple during the time of the Maccabees. They had to build a menorah and fill it with what little oil they had. Then God created a miracle. Years earlier, when the foundation of the second temple was laid, the old men who had seen the first temple wept over the lost glory. Still, Haggai exhorted them to take courage and work. God was saying, “The latter glory of this house will be greater than the former.”

Hanukkah doesn’t start with a miracle; it ends with a miracle because God blesses your efforts and faith. The Lord is telling us to fill ourselves with the living Word that He has given us. Fill whatever you do with that anointed oil of the Word. It’s not based on what we have or do not have. The miracle of Hanukkah will be done in you and through you because of the anointing of His living Word.

This message titled “This Feast Of Dedication – Fill Your Heart With The Living Word” came at Grace Chapel in Honolulu, Hawaii. It will be available to hear at Living Word Publications.