The Prophetic Community: A Hierarchy Led By The Holy Spirit

The success of a school of prophets is dependent on an ability to come into a way of relating and communicating that enables the Holy Spirit to be in charge. In this Word, we review the pattern in the Scriptures that shows us how to do this.

First, we all have the responsibility to go up the mountain and seek to hear a Word from the Lord. This takes a lot of energy; it’s easier to have someone else do this for us. As it was with Joshua, we choose this day whom we will serve and we choose to commit ourselves to hear God’s voice. Second, we must lay our witness on the table for confirmation. We pray that the Holy Spirit show us how confirmation works in the prophetic community.

We are seeking to replace human hierarchy with the hierarchy of the Holy Spirit. Today, we all step down from hierarchy, and we allow the Holy Spirit to take charge. This will take dedication, energy, and commitment to the process of hearing and walking in a confirmed Word from God. As it was for the early Church, we believe the Holy Spirit will lead and confirm (Acts 13: 1-4).

This message titled “The Prophetic Community: A Hierarchy Led By The Holy Spirit” came in North Hills, California. It will be available at Living Word Publications.