Our Love Relationship With The Jewish People

For too long, the church has taken a stance of trying to convert the Jewish people to Christianity. In this message, we learn that the Jewish identity is sacred to God and should not be tampered with. “Israel has been saved by the Lord with an everlasting salvation.” (Isaiah 45:17). One of the fundamental points of the Jewish faith is belief in this salvation. As Christians, our concept of salvation is very different than the reality for the Jewish people, who are already separated unto God through His covenant with Abraham. Gentiles need salvation through Christ to be delivered out of the kingdom of darkness and into the Kingdom of God’s beloved Son.

Ignorance is a powerful weapon that has been behind much of the persecution and negativity against the Jewish people. I encourage the Body of Christ to become educated about Judaism and God’s relationship with His people. I Corinthians 13 says that when we see through a glass darkly, the best thing to do is move in love. With love we can bless the Jewish people, remind them of the Word over them in the Scriptures, and express sorrow for what the church has been to them. Father, give us a more perfect understanding of Your plan for Your people.

This message titled “Our Love Relationship With The Jewish People” came at Shiloh, Kalona, Iowa. It will be available at Living Word Publications.