Obedience: His Standard For Judgment

This Word clarifies what we are to be as a school of prophets and why. God is looking to have a people by which He can distinguish between that which serves Him and that which does not. God is a gracious, just judge, and there is only one distinguishing factor that matters to Him: obedience. This is the basis of His judgments.

When Israel went in to possess Canaan, their victory or defeat was directly dependent upon their obedience (Joshua 5:1-11). When God sent Moses into Egypt, he was able to move in God’s judgments because of his obedience.

Like Moses and the nation of Israel, the school of prophets is to be a standard of obedience that God can use as an example. Do you want to be under the Lordship of Jesus Christ? Do you want to establish His Kingdom? There is only one way: become and remain obedient. You have been equipped. Now, be obedient.

This message titled “Obedience: His Standard For Judgment” came at Shiloh, Kalona, Iowa. It will be available at Living Word Publications.