Confirmation — The Safeguard For Our Absolute Obedience

This Word addresses the concerns for deception within the structure of divine order in the church. As we move to establish the Kingdom of God, our complete submission to the Lordship of Jesus Christ in a pure, divine order is essential. We must submit to our elders and leaders, just as it says in Hebrews 13:17. However, we also have to recognize that these authorities are imperfect humans. There must be safeguards in place against the abuse of authority so that we do not have leaders who, like Saul, are deceived into disobedience. The safeguard against this deception is seeking confirmation, just as Peter and the apostles sought for in a oneness of heart as described in Acts 15. Every member of the Body of Christ, including the leaders, must boldly seek confirmation for the Word that is given to them.

Let’s pray for the Lord to give us wisdom. We are set to be obedient and submissive as a people. We must have a divine order that will keep us safe and give us the freedom to be absolutely obedient to walk in God’s ways.

This message titled “Confirmation — The Safeguard For Our Absolute Obedience” came at Shiloh, Kalona, Iowa. It will be available at Living Word Publications.