We Are Ransomed Into His Kingdom

God is taking us into the next step of becoming a school of prophets, and we must recognize that God is taking us out from the dominion of every other spiritual authority. When God delivered the Israelites from the dominion of Egypt, He was not just bringing them out from under Pharaoh. He was delivering them from the dominion of other gods, or as the Scriptures say in Hebrew, “elohim” (Exodus 12:12). It was those gods that were holding the children of Israel in bondage.

How did we, as humans, become subject to these elohim? We are subject to what we obey. When Adam and Eve were obedient to satan in the Garden of Eden, satan became their owner. God had given man authority over the physical realm of earth, so when Adam and Eve obeyed satan, the ownership of all of creation was transferred to satan.

In salvation, God delivered us from the dominion of darkness and from the dominion of other elohim into His Kingdom (Colossians 1:13). By His death on the cross and His resurrection, Christ reconciled us to the Father. However, we are still slaves to whichever gods we obey. If we are not careful to obey God, we start the cycle over again and serve other gods. Once you are in God’s dominion, the point is to stay there, with God as your God.

I bless this Word to our hearts. Lord, keep unfolding this Word to us, and open up our understanding of it. Let us see the wonder of what Your salvation really is. Let us stay in Your dominion. Thank You, Father, for bringing us to this place. Thank You for this amazing salvation You’ve given us. We determine to stay in Your dominion.

This message titled “We Are Ransomed Into His Kingdom” came at Anuhea, Maui, Hawaii. It will be available at Living Word Publications.