Experience His Resurrection Today!

Christ’s resurrection is the centerpiece of our Christian faith. In the context of the biblical feasts, this is the feast in which the priests would wave the first-fruits sheaf of grain before the Lord, which occurred on the day the resurrection was to take place. We must recognize that Christ, the first fruits, was only one grain on that sheaf.

The power of the resurrection was the greatest power to ever be released in the universe. It was not enough for Christ to die on the cross. The efficacy of His death is expressed in the power of His resurrection. And from that day, the process of resurrection has continued and has been made available to us. This power should be impacting our lives here, now, today.

The power of the resurrection has three results: It makes us holy, blameless, and beyond reproach (Colossians 1:22). We are made holy; we are freed from all the oppressive spirits that hold us in bondage and sin. Through Christ’s resurrection, we are transferred from the kingdom of darkness to the Kingdom of God’s beloved Son. We also are made blameless. This means we have no guilt. There is no longer any reason for punishment or judgment; we can stand in the presence of the Father, covered by the blood of the Lamb. The resurrection also makes us beyond reproach. No one can accuse us or make us appear guilty. This is what makes eternal life fun—every morning we’ll wake up holy, blameless, beyond reproach.

I bless this day to live for you. So much can be said about the resurrection and about His power, but if we don’t recognize how it changes our lives this minute, the whole point is lost. Father, thank You for resurrecting Your Son, and we reach into the reality of this power for us today.

This message titled “Experience His Resurrection Today!” came at Anuhea, Maui, Hawaii. It will be available at Living Word Publications.