A Personal Passover Experience

Passover is personal. When the children of Israel were about to leave Egypt, each household had to obey and execute the Lord’s instructions by putting the blood on the doorpost and remaining inside, under the covering. They had to appropriate the provision, and their obedience initiated and protected them from judgment. Our experience with Christ’s salvation is just as personal, and we see how true this is when we look at Peter’s personal Passover experience.

Peter denied the Lord in the moment of His suffering immediately after promising to never leave Him. After realizing what he’d done, Peter wept bitterly and repented. Christ didn’t reject Peter. Not only did Christ forgive him, He appeared to him first after the resurrection so that Peter would know his repentance was heard. The purpose of what Peter went through was so that we could truly understand the depth of God’s forgiveness for us.

We need this aspect of the Passover experience. We go through many things in our walk with God that leave us feeling that there is no way we’ll ever be forgiven or that there is no way out of what we’ve done. The forgiveness we believe in is not yet deep enough in our own hearts. We must come to know beyond any shadow of a doubt that whatever we’ve done or been through, we are absolutely and completely forgiven through His Passover sacrifice.

There is an absolute, complete, thorough forgiveness in the salvation that comes for us at Passover. Let it wash your mind, let it wash your memories. Don’t remember what God has forgotten. Don’t resurrect things that He’s washed by His blood and sacrifice. He wants to appear to you. Stop trying to do everything in your own ability, and start functioning in the provision of this experience.

This message titled “A Personal Passover Experience” came at Anuhea, Maui, Hawaii. It will be available at Living Word Publications.