The Lessons of Passover

As we conclude this Shabbat Hagadol, we turn our attention towards Pesach, the Feast of Passover, and the significance that it has as the centerpiece of faith for the Jewish people and for us as well. The story of how God related to Moses and prepared him to lead the Israelites has a very real application to us in this generation.

Pesach signifies a season when God hears the cry of His people. He responds to our prayers, even the prayers that we think He has not heard. When He does come down from His throne to meet us, He makes us be His answer to the world. The story of Pesach shows us that God works His solution through a human vessel.

We struggle with reluctance and we labor over our problems, thinking they are bigger than God’s provision. In the story of Pesach, we see God’s determined refusal to not back off from using Moses to be His spokesperson; we see how God equipped and anointed Moses to accomplish His will. Pesach gives us a revelation of how God’s provision is abundantly greater than our limitations. In this Pesach, let’s believe for the end of our reluctance and laboring.

In this generation, God is bringing forth a prophetic community who are commissioned to speak His Word to the nations. Pesach shows us the necessity of first removing the leaven of malice and wickedness within our own hearts and spirits so that when we speak His Word, there is a purity in us that is aligned with God’s will.

Father, we turn to You and, without condemnation, we enter into a Pesach of washing and purifying. Remove from us any impurities that a life under Pharaoh has brought into our spirits. With our hearts made pure, we anticipate the great deliverance of Pesach.

This message titled “The Lessons of Passover” came at Church of the Living Word in North Hills, California. It will be available at Living Word Publications.