Our Shared Messianic Hope

I brought a message on February 26th, inspired by a visit to En Gedi with Shiloh University’s Israel Tour.

Judaism and Christianity share a messianic hope that should unify us more than separate us. We are all looking for exactly the same event to happen: the appearing of the Messiah (“Mashiach”) who will sit on the throne of David, anointed as King to rule over an earthly Kingdom as God’s representative on earth to bring peace and change to the world. We may have different concepts and caveats of how this will happen, but hindsight will show us how the Messiah thinks about those differences.

In the meantime, let’s get rid of division, anti-Semitism, and accusations. Let us recognize the force we are together in a faith that looks for a time when all Israel comes together to anoint a Mashiach who rules and reigns on earth. The story of the Messiah is not over yet; and like it was for king David at En Gedi, He is in hiding until He is anointed to establish His Kingdom on earth.