Sons Have Nowhere To Lay Their Heads

When people told Jesus they wanted to follow Him, His response was, “The foxes have holes and the birds of the air have nests, but the Son of Man has nowhere to lay His head” (Luke 9:57-58). In this response, Jesus was showing us something significant about a walk with God.

God has been giving us some deep teachings about our personal walk with Him and about being those who please Him and love Him. He has been talking to us about a lifestyle. Part of this lifestyle is that we must have no place to stop. Our human tendency is to want to settle down. Peter’s response on the Mount of Transfiguration was to create a monument around one of the greatest moments in Jesus’ life on earth—His transfiguration. We see this same tendency in the Body of Christ—we attempt to contain an experience we had with Him and to build a wall around it.

We cannot enter into the labor of this walk in the Kingdom and have something in our heart or spirit that stops along the way and says, “This is enough; we’ve gone far enough.” When God speaks a living Word to us, something must change in our heart where we can’t stop following Him. We must be positioned in our heart to follow Him wherever He goes.

The only resting place we will have is His Kingdom. We must be set in our hearts to follow the Lamb wherever He leads.

This message titled “Sons Have Nowhere To Lay Their Heads” came at Monte Sião, Niterói, Brazil. It will be available at Living Word Publications.