Lord, Impart The Truth To My Innermost Being

This Word from the Lord will change your life! God is trying to touch the innermost parts of our beings and make us know wisdom in the hidden places (Psalm 51:6). The prophet Nathan had to be sent by God to talk to David in a parable so that he could see and understand that his actions as a king were corrupted due to the corruption hidden in his heart. David could not continue to rule as king as long as these hidden things existed in his own heart and mind. Likewise, we will not be able to continue to move into the things God has for us if we keep our innermost being hidden from Him.

God wants us to know the truth in the inner parts. It is not His will that we be unaware of these hidden places because it is out of what fills the heart that a man speaks. It is from these secret places that we act and think (Matthew 15:18). We will never be prophets to the world if we have the same hidden areas in our hearts that the world has.

Wisdom, justice, and righteousness have to be imparted into our hidden places. We cry out like David: “Lord, expose these hidden places to Your wisdom, Word, and righteousness. Cleanse us from all that exists that does not come from You. Abide in us! Give us a heart like David that opens up when faced with the truth.”

This message titled “Lord, Impart The Truth To My Innermost Being” came at Monte Sião, Niterói, Brazil. It will be available to hear at Living Word Publications.