Ascribe To The Lord – The Initiative Of His Sons

The Parousia, the presence of the Lord dwelling among us in this new day, begins with us. We do not wait for Him to appear; if we draw near to Him, He will draw near to us (James 4:8). Through our worship of Him, we initiate His presence.

In I Chronicles 16, we see the beginning of the revelation of ascribing to the Lord. After the ark of the covenant was brought to Jerusalem, David marked a new day for Israel by commissioning Asaph to bring a new song and a new worship to the people (I Chronicles 16:7). David tells us that in this new song we ascribe to the Lord all that He is, and as we do this, we are making the Lord and His deeds known to the nations (I Chronicles 16:28-29).

This new song begins in us. The temple that He will inhabit comes from the heart of a people who know Him and ascribe to Him everything that He is and has done. In our worship, we are proclaiming to the nations all that this living Word has spoken. We are proclaiming our faith that the Word will be fulfilled to a thousand generations.

We enter into this new day through worship. We are commanded to sing a new song to the Lord (Psalm 149:1). God says that He will do something new in a time that people have become weary of Him (Isaiah 43:18-21). For those who have become weary of worshiping Him, they will lose His presence in their lives. For us, this new day will be a time of worshiping Him and we will trigger His presence in our lives.

Lord, root out anything in us that is weary of You. Let Your glory be alive to us. Let Your deeds, wonders, strength, and all that You are be alive in our hearts. This is the worship that will make Him draw near and it is the hallmark of the prophetic community.

This message titled “Ascribe To The Lord – The Initiative Of His Sons” came at Monte Sião, Niterói, Brazil. It will be available to hear at Living Word Publications.