His Word Comes With A Guarantee

God swore by Himself when He made a promise to Abraham (Hebrews 6:13-15). No other guarantee was needed back then, and no other guarantee is needed for you today other than God Himself. Whatever He has promised you in His Word, He will do it.

Abraham waited patiently because he knew that God’s promise to him was guaranteed by God’s very name. Our faith must be like Abraham’s—a faith that knows that the Word of God comes with a guarantee that He will do it. We simply lay hold of His promises and His Word, and we enter into His rest.

This Word changes everything in our relationship with Him and His Word. We lay hold of what He has said, knowing that all His promises are backed up by all that He is.

This message titled “His Word Comes With A Guarantee” came at Monte Sião, Niterói, Brazil. It will be available to hear at Living Word Publications.