You Will Be Shaken As God Executes His Will

As a school of prophets, we must have the same relationship with the Father that Jesus had: we must be so open to receive His love that He is able to work His will in us and create us into His expression in the earth. How do we get there when our thoughts and paradigms are so contrary to His? The disciples’ response to God sending Jesus to the cross was dramatic and emotional. They were sad, troubled, fearful, grieved, unbelieving, and scattered. But that didn’t stop God; it was time to execute His will in bringing salvation to man, so He did. The disciples were forced to catch up after the fact. It required repentance, weeping, and waiting on the Lord. God shook them free from their walls and paradigms. Through the devastation that shattered them, they were open on the day of Pentecost to receive the outpouring of the Spirit. They were strengthened with power and equipped to be ambassadors of His will.

We are living in the days when God is moving and preparing to establish His Kingdom. It will be as dramatic as when Christ went to the cross. God’s moving will shake all things. Prepare your heart; ask Him into your life. Allow Him to shake you free from your walls and paradigms that block you from receiving His love and becoming His expression and will in the earth. Allow His love to change your life.

This message titled “You Will Be Shaken As God Executes His Will” came at Grace Chapel in Honolulu, Hawaii. It will be available to hear at Living Word Publications.