Repentance That Restores God’s Presence

In Psalm 51 David teaches us how to repent. Repentance is not about cleansing ourselves through sacrifice and works. God is the One who cleanses and washes clean. David cared about and focused on his relationship with the Lord. He didn’t want God to walk away from the relationship. “Do not cast me away from Your presence and do not take Your Holy Spirit from me” (Psalm 51:11).

Moses had the same heart as David. God was going to send an angel to bring Moses and the Israelites into the promised land, but Moses responded, “If You don’t go with us, don’t send us.” In that same way, we are not a people motivated by the fulfillment of promises. The only thing that matters is having God’s presence with us. Our repentance is about maintaining our relationship and closeness with God that allows Him to be near us. This Word lifts us out of an old way of repentance and brings us into the joy of our salvation.

This message titled “Repentance That Restores God’s Presence” came at Anuhea, Maui, Hawaii. It will be available to hear at Living Word Publications.