The New Leaven of the Kingdom

God is doing a whole new thing in the earth by bringing forth His Kingdom, and it is totally different than anything we have ever known or experienced. Are we willing and ready for the new?

Two parables show us why the new impartation that God is bringing to our hearts and minds cannot be mixed with the old (Matthew 9: 16-17). New wine poured into an old wineskin results in an explosion, and both the new and the old wine are ruined. And a new patch on an old garment pulls away. The new thing God is doing will always pull itself away from what we’ve known in the past.

We must be driven to separate ourselves from the old. We must prepare for the new thing that God is going to do. It is our decision to sweep out the old leaven and to make room for the new. We will continue to build on the foundation God has given, but that is different than trying to mix what God did yesterday with what He is doing today.

We can make this new year significant to us by our choice to clean out the old. Lord, cleanse us from everything that is holding on to the old. We hunger for the new thing that You want to do and we prepare our hearts to receive it. We want to be new wineskins, allowing You to work and expand in our lives in this day of the Kingdom.

This message titled “The New Leaven of the Kingdom” came at Monte Sião, Niterói, Brazil. It will be available to hear at Living Word Publications.