An Impartation From John Stevens’ Word

The Lord is speaking to my heart through this message, “Lonely? Run After Him!” God has one purpose in all the circumstances and experiences we go through: to draw us closer to Him, to get us to open our heart to Him more and more, and to teach us to trust Him and love Him. He is drawing us into the higher level He has prepared for us. In this message, John Stevens talks about how God, in His love for us, is constantly drawing us into a greater revelation and awareness of Him in everything we go through.

The impartation in John Stevens’ message opened up a meeting with the Lord that is deeply changing me and this fellowship. I talk about this personal experience in a message I brought this past Sunday titled “If You Love Me, You Will Rejoice.” I encourage you to hear both messages. Let us continue to seek the Lord with all our hearts, knowing that His purpose is to draw us into a greater oneness with Him.