Happy Birthday, Marilyn!

Today is a special Sabbath to me – Marilyn’s birthday! It is a perfect occasion to remember and honor this amazing woman of God and spiritual mother to so many worldwide.

Marilyn lived with an unwavering drive to serve the Lord. With the unselfish love of a spiritual mother, she travailed over each person with the expectation that we would become vessels of God’s Word. Every day she prayed the Lord’s prayer: Your Kingdom come, Your will be done, on earth as it is in heaven. She was—and is—an example of unrelenting intercession. Throughout this travail, she expressed God’s love to all of us in a simple yet powerful way.

On her birthday today, we celebrate her faith by entering into the Sabbath rest and celebrating God’s presence. Thank you, Marilyn, for drawing us into a deeper relationship with our Father. We honor you by staying true to all that you imparted to us.